Christmas Day

Well today was pretty awesome so far. i got alot of great christmas gifts this morning. Over the past few days ive had alot of fun i turned 22 and we spent the day and night in boomtown casino. Didnt when any money this time but i did do alot of shopping. Lessoned learned thought i will never do shots of patron on before i go to bed and ill definitely eat before i go to bed too. My cousin and i were so sick the next day from watever it was that hurt are stomachs. Lets see this morning my mom gave me this great Ipad case with a bluetooth keyboard so im having a fun time testing it out right now. Also i have found a new addiction its So much fun ppl are gonna think im martha stewart or something lol. Other than that not much going on. My aunt and uncle come in tomorrow with my cousins so hopefully ill get more goodies for my Ipad since everyone knew mom was getting me one for my bday. I got money from my grandparents which i great because im planning on going to harwin with my cousin Randi before this break is over to shop for this purse i really like and mayb get a small louie that will fit into the big one i already have. Mom gave me the case and keyboard plus this awesome stuff for my class room and when i start teaching. She got me this lab coat with the physics and newtons laws on the back, the strongest suction cup for my class room, some periodic table earrings (so cute), and the twilight eclipse DVD. So all in all im happy with this christmas and birthday. Well got to go need to help my christmas day lunch, watch some pretty little liars since i need to have the seasons done before jan rolls around and play on pinterest some more lol. Well Merry Christmas all…until next time :)

2 years ago on 25 December 2011 ~ 10:50am
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